Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing

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Colby Knox

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In this week’s Colby Knox video, Jesse Stone appears to have pulled a muscle and Colby Chambers offers to help him out. Colby instructs Jesse to remove his shirt and gets some oil and lube to rub the affected area. Jesse gets on his stomach and Colby starts to “fix” the problem with some sturdy hand work. Colby takes off Jesse’s shorts to get to the root of the problem and notes that Jesse has big glutes, which makes the popping sensation more painful.

As Colby rubs Jesse’s glutes, he nibbles on Jesse’s ears and snacks on his hole, which causes Jesse to moan in approval. After getting face-fucked, Jesse laps up the drool coating Colby’s cock. Colby then lubes up and works his meat inside Jesse, fucking him hard and deep. Jesse spreads his cheeks so Colby’s cock can explore deeply, and Colby places both hands on top of Jesse’s rump and grinds away.

Jesse’s ass pushes Colby over the edge and he comes inside Jesse with a picture perfect creampie, covering Jesse’s man hole with juicy goo. Colby isn’t done yet and commands Jesse to get on his back with his legs in the air. Colby reenters Jesse, making sure all that cum stays inside. As Colby drills down and pounds Jesse, he keeps his thighs near his chest and whispers, “Oh, God. You feel so fucking good.”

As he’s pounded, Jesse jerks his meat and moans, “I’m going to fucking come. It’s so fucking good.” He shoots juice on his stomach and inside his navel. Colby asks Jesse if he can keep fucking him and Jesse agrees, getting back on his stomach. Jesse whimpers, “I love that cock. Use that tight, little, pink hole.” Colby doesn’t need to be asked twice and gets Jesse to grind his ass, causing Colby to dump a second sloppy load.

In this scene, Jesse receives two creampies and pulls his cheeks apart to show off his cum plastered hole. Overall, Jesse and Colby’s chemistry is undeniable and their intense passion for each other is evident throughout the video.

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