Jack Valor gets his Cheeks Clapped

Jack Valor gets his Cheeks Clapped

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Colby Knox

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This Colby Knox webcam video features Colby Chambers and Jack Valor engaging in some raunchy sexual activity, with Mickey Knox watching all the action. Despite Colby’s declaration that he is not the bottom, Jack remains close to his hole, caressing his butt cheeks with his johnson. Mickey, Colby’s boo, is on his knees, watching all the action. He leans down to suck Jack off, while Colby and Jack switch positions.

While Mickey continues to perform oral sex, Colby and Mickey take turns penetrating Jack, with the husbands kissing throughout. Colby drills slowly, opening Jack up, while Mickey gets a chance to fill Jack up until he is in to the balls. When Mickey leans down to kiss Jack, he exclaims, “Oh, fuck yeah!” Colby offers Jack meat, and he is stuffed at both ends. Spit and Colby’s precum coat Jack’s lips, and his toes curl each time Mickey hits his prostate.

Despite Colby not bottoming, Jack remains close to his hole, and Colby reaches out to caress his buns. As the sweat drips down their bodies, Colby notes how hot it is, leaving his hand prints on Jack’s bottom. Jack puts his sexy legs in the air, and Mickey returns to that sweet ass, while Colby refills Jack’s mouth. He face fucks him, making him gag, and asks Mickey if he wants to share.

Colby finishes by ejaculating on Jack’s ass, announcing that he is going to come so hard. Mickey drinks the man milk right from the source, licking up what lands on Jack. Colby leaves the room as Mickey has another go with Jack’s booty. “Fuck me,” Jack pleads. “I love that you can take all of it,” Mickey observes. “My hips just hit yours.” Jack hits his back one last time. He beats his dick as his asshole is packed.

After all that, Jack ejaculates all over his stomach, and Mickey exclaims, “Look at all that fucking cum! That man is soaked.” Jack turns over, on his stomach, giving Mickey a perfect view of that perfect ass. Mickey strokes his tool, and the first stream of seed lands on Jack’s back, with the second in his hair. The rest coats the sweaty butt cheeks. “That was a pretty big cum shot,” Jack says. Mickey, the perfect host, jumps off the bed to get Jack a towel.

In summary, this steamy video features a lot of penetration, oral sex, and ejaculations from all parties involved. If you’re a fan of intense and passionate lovemaking, this video is definitely worth watching.

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