Nick Floyd and Trevor Brooks

Nick Floyd and Trevor Brooks

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Trevor Brooks tops Nick Floyd in his first appearance on CockyBoys, and in return, Trevor gets to experience the passion that Nick brings out in him.

They start things out in the tub with some warm, wet foreplay, but their passion really ignites in bed. Trevor soon discovers that Nick’s body is incredibly flexible, making it easy for him to eat out Nick’s smooth hole and fuck him with his legs crossed behind his neck.

No matter what position they try, their sensuality is a constant, and they always return to kissing passionately. As the intensity builds, they become even closer when Nick rides Trevor’s cock.

Trevor builds up a sweat as he thrusts into Nick and strokes his cock, causing Nick to cum explosively and hit Trevor in the face and abs. Trevor then fucks Nick on his back and shoots a thick load of his own, breeding him. Afterwards, they are both wiped out and almost stunned into silence by how hot it was.

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