Jordan Starr dominates Mickey Knox

Jordan Starr dominates Mickey Knox

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Colby Knox

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The video from Colby Knox begins with an intense and sensual scene where Mickey Knox is massaging Jordan Starr‘s meat, as they both describe their favorite bedroom activities. Mickey loves looking at someone’s eyes while he sucks their cock, which is his biggest turn-on. Jordan, on the other hand, is an ass man and enjoys seeing the arch when someone is lying on their stomach. It’s the perfect combination as they both love different things.

As they continue exploring their desires, Mickey pulls up onto his hands and knees, wondering if his arch meets Jordan’s standards. Fortunately, it does! Jordan takes advantage of this and licks Mickey’s man hole, causing him to moan with pleasure. Jordan then turns his attention to Mickey’s rod, swallowing it to the root. Mickey exclaims his love for this, and Jordan encourages him to remember the time when they both talked about liking a good blow job.

The two studs then take turns as Jordan gets on his back with his tool ready for a warm mouth. They share a kiss before Mickey works his way down to Jordan’s johnson, opening wide and stretching his mouth to the limit. Although he tries to deep throat, Mickey notes that Jordan’s dick is too thick. Jordan encourages him, telling him he’s doing pretty good, and asks if he likes that big dick. Mickey’s moans are a clear answer.

Jordan face fucks Mickey, trying to fit the entire monster in his mouth, and commands him to swallow it all. Soon after, it’s time to see if Mickey’s other opening can fit what Jordan is offering. Mickey puts lube and spit on Jordan’s raw meat, straddles him carefully, and sits down. He exclaims “Holy shit” as he goes up and down, and Jordan takes control of the fucking, pounding up. Mickey admits that he loves that dick, and it feels so deep inside him.

Jordan puts Mickey on his back so he can go deeper, asking if he likes those long strokes. He suggests there is a second hole and Mickey just moans and whimpers. The camera gives a great angle from behind Jordan, as Mickey grabs his ass while his own is wrecked. He says it feels so fucking good, and Jordan counters by suggesting they try it in doggie style. Mickey returns to his hands and knees, and Jordan puts his hands on top of Mickey’s butt cheeks, fucking him to the balls.

Jordan exclaims that Mickey has such a good hole, and Mickey returns the compliment by saying he loves it. Jordan demands that he open his hole for him, and Mickey’s moans are muffled by the bedsheet. Jordan wonders how deep it is, as he alternates the fucking speed, but each stroke is to the balls. Mickey gets on his stomach, and Jordan orders him to keep that hole open. Mickey bites his own hand, saying Jordan is so fucking huge.

Jordan needs to bust, so he holds Mickey’s hands, stuffing him with hard meat. “I’m getting close,” Jordan says. He pulls out and shoots a creamy load all over Mickey’s booty, then reenters him to make sure his insides get a fair portion of man juice. “Show me that cummy hole,” Jordan says as the camera offers a view of Mickey’s hole hairs soaked with cum.

Finally, Jordan needs to bust too, so Mickey gets on his back. As Mickey nibbles on Jordan’s dick, he strokes his own cock. When he nuts, the first stream splatters on his chest, some even landing on Jordan’s thigh. Jordan utters, “Fuck, that was such a huge load.” The video ends with the two studs cumming on each other and hoping that the viewers enjoyed their exploration of desires as much as they did.

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