Jack Waters Wrecks Mickey Knox

Jack Waters Wrecks Mickey Knox

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Colby Knox

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Jack Waters and Mickey Knox are both featured on a photo shoot for ColbyKnox, where Colby Chambers, Mickey’s man, is taking pictures of them while they are in their underwear. Colby gets a phone call and steps out of the room, leaving Jack and Mickey alone. The two of them start getting intimate, with Mickey caressing Jack’s chest and Jack nibbling his way down to Mickey’s crotch. Mickey swallows Jack’s cock and deep throats it, repeatedly working it to the base and lapping his nuts. Even though Mickey gags, he keeps sucking Jack’s cock, making sure he’s fully satisfied.

Jack decides to try something different and stands up, while Mickey remains on the ground with his back against the sofa. Jack fucks Mickey’s sweet mouth while his balls graze Mickey’s lips. Jack then wants to eat Mickey’s hole, and Mickey gets on the sofa, on his hands and knees, while Jack licks his man hole and prepares him for his hard cock.

Mickey uses natural lube, spit, on his hole while Jack saddles up and carefully inserts his rare rod. Jack laughs and fucks to the balls, placing his hands on Mickey’s arch and pounding away. Mickey orders Jack to give him that dick, and he stuffs Mickey’s booty with his hard cock, causing Mickey to moan. Jack keeps pounding away, wrecking Mickey’s tight hole until he pops a load. The first stream of jizz hits the top of Mickey’s chest, and the rest leaves a trail of cum on his chest and stomach.

Jack pulls out, beating his dick over Mickey’s face, and a wad of man milk lands on Mickey’s tongue. He swirls it around his mouth before licking Jack’s rod clean, while Jack snuggles close to him. Jack suggests that they get cleaned up so they can do it again when Colby returns.

When Colby comes back, he apologizes for leaving them alone and asks if they’re ready to continue with the photo shoot. Mickey and Jack offer mischievous smiles, and Jack replies, “Yeah. Let’s knock this out,” while Mickey says, “Let’s do this,” and shakes his tool.

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