Greyson Myles & Hazel Hoffman

Greyson Myles & Hazel Hoffman

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Greyson Myles and Hazel Hoffman had a choice to make – go out on a cold, sunny, snow-covered morning or stay in and have sex. They opted for the latter, engaging in affectionate and slightly edgy verbal sex with Hazel subtly dominating a very willing Greyson.

The guys took their time making out before Greyson went down on Hazel, who reciprocated the oral attention. When Hazel bent over to eat Greyson’s ass and tongue fuck his hole, he took control.

Hazel then proceeded to pound Greyson doggy style, and Greyson loved it. Hazel was inexhaustible as he drilled Greyson on his back, and Greyson rode Hazel’s cock until he finished. When Hazel came, Greyson slurped it up and shared it in a kiss with Hazel. Needless to say, they didn’t regret staying in.

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