Drake Von Buttfucks Mickey Knox

Drake Von Buttfucks Mickey Knox

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Colby Knox

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In the latest Colby Knox update, Mickey Knox gets up close and personal with Drake Von’s big ol’ dick and it’s pure bliss. Mickey’s appreciation for Drake’s cock is evident from the moment he lays his eyes on it, and his first words say it all: “Oh, f*ck. You have such a nice cock.” Mickey is in awe of the girth and can’t resist playing with it, stretching his mouth wide to try and take it all in. The pleasure is evident on his face as he gurgles and moans while getting face-fucked by Drake, relishing every moment of it.

Mickey is eager to take things further and asks if he can sit on Drake’s fat cock. Drake is more than happy to oblige but Mickey insists on getting him ready first. After disposing of his shorts, Mickey jumps on the studio’s sofa and Drake puts his head between his butt cheeks, slurping his hole and getting it nice and ready for his fat dick. Mickey is in ecstasy as Drake munches away, adding a few slaps to his sweet buns.

It’s finally time for Mickey to ride and the two studs share a kiss before Mickey straddles him. Mickey’s moans fill the air as he goes up and down on Drake’s bare tool, enjoying the sensation of being stretched out. Drake is equally enthralled and grabs Mickey’s ass, drilling up and begging him to “f*ck my hole.”

The two switch positions, with Mickey lying on his back and spreading his legs as wide as possible. Drake re-enters in one slow stroke, making sure Mickey feels every hefty inch, and proceeds to pound to the balls, pulverizing Mickey’s “special spot.” Mickey’s moans intensify as he begs for more, and Drake obliges, promising to “pound you so rough.”

Drake then wants Mickey to get on his side, and after the position change, he resumes the hard pounding, balls deep. Mickey jerks his johnson, groaning each time Drake opens him up, and asks if he can be hit from behind. Drake likes that idea, so Mickey gets on his hands and knees again, showing off his arch as Drake puts his bloated head in and resumes f*cking.

Drake expresses his love for destroying Mickey’s tight, little, fcking boy hole, and Mickey is more than happy to let him do it. Mickey holds onto the couch, letting Drake fill him up as hard as he wants to, and asks if he likes fcking his ass. Drake replies with a deep down stroke, making it clear that he does.

Mickey then requests that Drake let him taste his cum, and Drake agrees, promising to do it right in his f*cking face. Mickey is excited and replies with a resounding “Yes, please.” Before nutting, Drake gives Mickey’s backside some hard thrusts to remember, and when he pulls out, he jerks his tool over Mickey’s face, releasing a juicy load on his nose, tongue, and cheeks.

Mickey slurps up what’s left on Drake’s tool, as directed, and then beats his own meat, shooting his cum between his nipples. He licks the remaining milk off of Drake’s tool, bringing the scene to an end in the most satisfying way possible. Overall, it’s safe to say that this was a great scene, with both Mickey and Drake bringing their A-game and leaving nothing to be desired.

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