Tyler Tanner

Tyler Tanner is an avid fan and collector of Legos. He also enjoys BDSM, animation, film, travel, writing, working out, funny movies, and dogs.

He hails from Atlanta, Georgia. While he is unsure about what to write here, he will do his best! Originally, he is from Florida, but during middle school, he relocated to Seattle and later to Georgia for high school. After graduating, he moved back to Florida, then to Virginia, and eventually back to Atlanta. He has a strong affinity for working out. Although he used to exercise extensively during his high school football days, he lost his routine for a while. However, he has recently rekindled his dedication with two goals in mind: running a six-minute mile and curling fifty pounds. He has already achieved the mile but is yet to curl more than forty pounds. Nevertheless, he is determined to reach his target.



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