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Yes Father

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Must Be Punished

Cute Catholic boy Benjamin Blue has been behaving in a very devious manner, and it’s up to Father Torres to make sure the innocent y...
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My Naughty Sin

Sweet Catholic boy Ryan Jacobs can’t shake the pervy thoughts he’s been having about the other boys and priests at St. Patrick’s Cat...
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After Bedtime Prayers

Innocent catholic boys Ryan Jacobs and Benjamin Blue can’t keep their eyes off of each other as they say their nightly prayers. Soon...
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Pretend Priest

Sweet Catholic boy Benjamin Blue makes believe he’s one of his favorite priests with his little buddy, Ryan Jacobs. They climb into...
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Your Body Is Under My Care

When mischievous Catholic boy Ryan Jacobs falls behind in school, nasty Father Teddy Torres punishes him with a ruthless spanking. Q...
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There Are Other Ways

Pure Catholic boy Edward Terrant confesses that he’s had intimate relations together with his girlfriend to nasty priest, Father Dal...