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Latin Leche

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Numero 173

These three straight Latino boys aren’t going to let anything get in the way of putting on a scintillating show for our trickster an...
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Numero 172

Horny straight Latino boys Emanuel and Javi finally have an excuse to explore all the sexual urges for each other they’ve been tryin...
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Numero 169

All this sexy Latino boy wants are some risque pics for his Instagram, but our cameraman has something even filthier in mind. He off...
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Numero 170

This week on Latin Leche, horny Latino boy Bobby approaches his reluctant buddy Axel with a naughty proposition. Bobby persuades the...
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Numero 171

You know life is good when two bored boys entertain each other by filming a filthy smut video for their favorite series Latin Leche....
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Numero 168

This week, our cameraman persuades an extra sexy, straight Latino boy to venture into unknown waters with few pesos. The boy runs hi...
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Numero 165

Straight Latino boy Xstian features heard the rumors concerning the naughty stuff that goes down upon Latin Leche. All it requires i...
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Numero 166

Straight Latino hotties Hector and Franco are hard up on cash, so when they get offered a few extra pesos on their maintenance job,...
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Numero 164

Camillo can’t appear to get a sizzling pic of himself to publish on-line, however his cute Latino buddy, Alex, is able to assist. Th...
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Numero 163

Horny Latino boys Jesus and Gus can barely hold their fingers off one another, so when our cameraman will get concerned, you realize...
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Numero 162

Our trickster has done it again – now with a straight Latino delivery child named Javiez. The hung babe agrees to play with a...
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Numero 1

In the first installment of Latin Leche, a cute straight guy on his way to work is followed by the horny videographer. He’s ve...
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Numero 11

Back in front of the camera, this returning cock sucker begs for the chance to taste more Latin man meat. The director is more than...
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Numero 10

The landlord’s nephew is working hard, slaving away in the heat to make this dump of an apartment look good for prospective te...
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Numero 9

When this camera man finds a hot stud walking down the street, he stops to ask him questions his sex life. The guy doesn’t see...
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Numero 8

When the horny cameraman comes across this sexy 19 year old, he barely needs to offer him any money to get him to jerk off on film....
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Numero 5

Cruising is truly a lost art, but for many Latin men, it’s still alive and well! This horny camera man went out looking for se...
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Numero 2

For guys who only ever top, bottoming can seem scary and painful. And because of that, seeing them take it makes it even more exciti...
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Numero 22

This LatinLeche clip brings you a shy, tatted horndog on the way to hang with a friend on his day off. Watch as this shy punk is swe...
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Numero 6

It’s another good day for the horny cameraman! This guy has no fear going up to the first straight guy he sees and probing him...
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Numero 20

Is it true that all Venezuelans have big dicks? In this week’s smoking hot LatinLeche, our cameraman spots a slim Venezuelan t...
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Numero 3

I saw this sexy stud at the park and I knew I had to have him. I was surprised how easy it was to talk him into going somewhere priv...
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Numero 19

This extra hot installment of LatinLeche brings you, two straight backpackers, looking for a place to sleep. The cameraman draws out...
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Numero 7

Not every guy says yes to being filmed, but that doesn’t stop the horny camera man from looking for his next, hot subject. Thi...
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Numero 18

A young delivery boy was walking around the streets when the horny camera man saw his stunning eyes and winning smile. He knew he ha...
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Numero 4

There’s nothing like a hot latin guy with smooth, tan muscles. In this week’s update, the horny camera man comes across...
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Numero 17

The horny camera man manages to get a returning face back in front of the camera. Only this time, the sexy cock sucker needs to find...
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Numero 16

Anything can happen at a hotel! That’s part of the fun. The cameraman sees a sexy pool boy and another hotel guest while havin...
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Numero 15

A tall, dark, and handsome man is on the street looking at his phone when the bold cameraman comes up to him for an interview. This...
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Numero 14

This guy was close to walking away before the director was able to convince him to stay. The conversation began with just a short ta...
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Numero 13

Joel is a beautiful young man with caramel skin, soft, luscious lips, and tight, smooth body! It’s no wonder that he caught th...
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Numero 12

The great thing about these guys is that gay or straight or whatever, they don’t pass up the chance to make some extra cash! T...
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Numero 27

This week’s LatinLeche features a sexy local who’s just got out of class for the day. Our filmmaker approaches him on th...
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Numero 26

Our cameraman is cruising a filthy public bathroom in Buenos Aires when he comes across a hot guy passed out in one of the stalls. H...
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Numero 25

This week we convince a horny guy on a bus in Buenos Aires to come suck off a hung straight guy who won’t show his face becaus...
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Numero 24

Our LatinLeche cameraman can’t go a day without sex! When he meets a handsome guy walking around the parking lot of his buildi...
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Numero 23

In this red-hot LatinLeche episode, a bearded Venezuelan boy is scooped up by our cameraman and lured into an alley. His eyes light...
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Numero 21

While cruising the streets of Buenos Aires, our pervy cameraman spots this sexy straight guy. His phone is dead and he’s far f...
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Numero 38

This off-duty nurse escapes Buenos Aires’s harsh cold in exchange for some money and a nice, hot, cummy shower! Our cameraman...
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Numero 37

This week a cute student who has been in our videos before brings his hot straight friend along to play. The boys met at school, but...
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Numero 36

Fresh out of Brazil, this week’s LatinLeche brings you a stunning man who’s just moved to Buenos Aires for work. When ou...
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Numero 35

For the first time ever, our cameraman is going to have his tight hole pounded bareback in this extra special installment of LatinLe...
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Numero 34

This week we’ve got a real-life love story on LatinLeche. Two studs who appeared separately in our earlier videos discovered t...
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Numero 33

The latest installment of LatinLeche brings you a returning college student who couldn’t stop bragging about his video to his...
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Numero 32

On LatinLeche this week, a hot tattooed stud from Uruguay returns to the site to see if he can handle my two hung, uncut friends. Ob...
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Numero 30

This week’s Latin Leche stars a straight boy walking around the city on a rainy day. We asked him some questions about sexuali...
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Numero 29

This week’s LatinLeche brings you a hot straight man waiting around for his girlfriend when our cameraman offers to take him u...
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Numero 28

This week’s extra hot LatinLeche brings you outdoor sex with a very cute, very young guy. He was on his way to fuck his girlfr...
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Numero 77

As he follows this cute boy around the nature reserve, our cameraman can’t wait to film some hot gay for pay action. The boy s...